Web Design & Development

We make the web design process a breeze. First, we sit down with you and gather your website’s requirements, and then we walk you through all of your options in terms of website platforms and technologies.

Central Park Digital has over 20 years of experience in web design and development, so we’ll quickly synthesize all the information you give us into a coherent and efficient web design plan using all of our technology expertise.

Custom-Built Websites

Do you need a custom website? If your project requires it, we can design and build from scratch, exactly to your specifications – while providing expert advice along the way.

WordPress CMS Platform

The WordPress Content Management System has over 60% marketshare, with over 500 MILLION websites using it. Over the past decade, it has evolved into a sophisticated web platform, while remaining the most easy to use.

Joomla and Drupal

Joomla and Drupal, each with around 5% marketshare, are the next most-used platforms after WordPress. In some areas, they can offer distinct features that may be beneficial to your project.

Magento, Shopify, & Others

We have worked with dozens of website platforms, including many e-commerce storefront and payment processing platforms. We are here to work with you to decide exactly what you need.

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